Here, you will find playalong video string orchestra Karaoke practice files for the ideas found on Black Violin's Masterclass series.  As the weeks, continue, new home practice playalong files will be posted here.  

If you don't see the most recent exercises, you may need to reload the page.

The most important thing to do is to have fun and experiment.  Take chances.  You 'll discover new sounds just by letting the feeling take you along!

Youtube Playalong Videos

A minor Riff and Jam                E minor Jam to a Tango Rhythm                Twinkle in Blue

E minor Groove          Am x 8  G Major x 8         Whole Lotta "A" Chord     Whole Lotta "C" Chord

Whole Lotta "D" Chord        E Major Blues     Groove in A minor          Playlist of All!