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Here are some fun tutorials for Ukulele players.  If you are a beginner, or an experienced player, you just might find something new here!  There are six videos using conventional strumming and fingered chords and another six videos for something really different - Slide Ukulele!  You can find all of these videos below.

The first videos below are the Slide Uke videos.  The "Slide" technique is a way of playing that is much easier for beginners and something different for experienced players to find new paths through experimentation!

Also, at the bottom, is a video for teachers on how to make a class set of PVC slides!  These slides can be used on Ukuleles, Nylon String Guitars, or any other instrument with nylon strings.  

Click this image here

to open a printable PDF Slide Uke Chord Guide!

You'll see all the Major and minor chords to play in any key!  Have fun!


Ukulele Tuning and fingered chord videos below...

Make PVC Slides and Open D Slide Nylon Below