Here's a fun way to practice your Two-Octave "G" Majore Scale and  Arpeggios from Suzuki Book One!  More Scales in Space - check links above!

Sheet Music Plus Fiddle
Sheet Music Plus Violin

I've just finished work on a new album of songs called, "Violin and Mandolin."  It's

availableb on all the popular Music sites!  Check it out here!  Spotify   Amazon  Apple Music

There are many more download sites!  Search "Don Hicks" and "mrfiddle" on your favorite!

Two of the songs on this album also have sheet music available!   Marley's Song   Micah's Song

Here's a fun way to practice first position notes!

Click here for a Youtube playlist of my other play-along improvisations.  Use headphones or a good sound system.  Use a mute at first.  (You'll feel more confident with a mute, and play stronger!)  Find notes you like, repeat them, mix them up, find new notes.  Have fun!!!

Click on the link below to play along with my vast collection

of play along videos on Youtube!

  My Grandson started playing along with his, "My Singing Monsters", and my daughter caught his project on video.  (Image below)  I thought this was such a great idea, that I had to share it with anybody who would like to give playing along with the monsters a try.  My videos are here to inspire and not copy.  You can play along with them to get some ideas.  But, the ultimate fun will be to play along with your own islands!  Have fun!  This is the link to the acual playlist.  The video below is one of the videos in the playlist.

  I've been developing a playlist of fun songs written to be played in Elementaray Music classrooms for the 2023/24 school year.  Each song has parts for Soprano Recorder, Violin, Ukulele, Keyboards and percussion instruments.  Click on the picture above to open that playlist.

  I find it much easier to create the songs than to give them names...    

  One of my songs, "Elephant Ride", originally had a working title of "December in the Woods Alone at Midnight"...  But, when I looked at the screen of the file where the song started, it looked like an elephant to me, so that's how it got its name.  Please check out all the songs.  Each has has a link for reasonably priced sheet music and play along mp3 for all parts.  Have fun!