Rainbow Recorder Belts!

Earn your Recorder Belts by practicing the Recorder Songs!  Click the links below to get started!  Have fun!  Practice every day!!!  

The animated sheet music files will not work correctly in iPhone or iPad...  Sorry...

Youtube Playlist for all Recorder Belt Songs!

Red - Hot Cross Buns

Sheet Music  Video

Orange - Mary had a Little Lamb

Animated Sheet Music Sheet Music Video  

Yellow - Responsibility

Sheet Music  Video  Vocal Video

New!  Red, Orange, and Yellow belts at one time for a limited time only!  This offer goes away after the Winter Break.

Learn "Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel" for three belts in one!  Click here!

Slow Practice Video here!

Green - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in D

Sheet Music  Practice  Video

Blue - Taps

Sheet Music  Video

Violet - "C" & "D" Major Scales

Animated C  Animated D       Sheet Music "C"  Sheet Music "D"

Black - Cooperation

Sheet Music Video Vocal Video