Here's a fun way to practice your Two-Octave "G" Majore Scale and  Arpeggios from Suzuki Book One!  More Scales in Space - check links above!

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Have fun playing the Merry Go-Round theme from, "Howl's Moving Castle!  Easy arrangement for violin with finger postitions!

You can open it full screen in Youtube and slow it down to help with the dificult parts.

Click here fora playlist of extended improvisations for you to play along with!   Listen, and see if you can dulpicate anything I'm playing, or even better, add somthing of your own!  Have fun!

*  My playing is on most of the online music download sites.  You can find my music at Spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc. by searching for Don Hicks (also as mrfiddle for older albums).

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